Iceland by Foot and by Sea

Unique learning programs designed for travelers age 50+!

Your hiking boots trace a picturesque coastline as cliff-side blowholes spray seawater skyward. Later, riding a Zodiac in a clear bay, you are awestruck as a mighty whale breeches starboard. At every turn of this educational adventure in Iceland, unexpected beauty and natural phenomena abound as you learn while exploring its ice, sand and lava by foot, and by weaving into fjords and pristine bays by water craft. Discover why this extraordinary Land of Fire and Ice has an evolving story like no other.

“This program is a great way to sample all parts of Iceland – natural features, culture, history, development and economy. The cruise ship provides an exceptional home base as you move all the way around the Island. Every port town was unique. It was a wonderful experience.”

— Kerry from Kansas City, KS

Favorite Experiences hiking around Iceland:

  • Walk to Gullfoss waterfall and learn why the threat of a landowner’s daughter, Sigríður Tómasdottir, to plunge into the Gullfoss turned it into a natural treasure.
  • At the magnificent glacier Lagoon of Jökulsarlon, float past magnificent icebergs in a specially equipped boat.
  • Hike the extraordinary lava fields of Berserkjahraun.