Iceland Adventures by Road Scholar

Unique learning programs designed for travelers age 50+!

Road Scholar has been leading global adventures for over 40 years. Our programs are all-inclusive educational adventures, not superficial tours. When you experience Iceland with us, you’ll have a deep, thought-provoking experience delivered by faculty experts on site.

Here are just a few testimonials from our Iceland Adventures…

“What a fantastic experience I had hiking in Iceland. The countryside was varied, with bright green hills, grazing sheep, Icelandic horses, glaciers stretching as far as one could see, icebergs in glacial lakes and miles and miles of volcanic debris. I highly recommend this program as a wonderful way to explore this beautiful country!”

- Jackie from Belmont, CA

“A delightful program exposing one to a different culture, other-worldly scenery (glaciers, lava fields, moss covered lava fields) while moderately challenging one physically.”

- David from Hampstead, MD

“Iceland is more than a location on the map to me now. I have a far better understanding of their history, culture, and their amazing natural resources and challenges. Fascinating place!”

- Lindrea from Austin, TX

“This program is so fun; being on the Ocean Diamond and having daily excursions was more restful than constant movement to new hotels and the ship is well run with excellent food. Outings are educational with great instructors.”

- Cathy from Chapel Hill, NC